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Effective DATE: December 21, 2004, revised July 4, 2010
1. Acceptance of Terms. TshirtManiacs provides service to you, subject to the following Terms of Service (TOS). The TOS contain the terms that
govern use of TshirtManiacs Services. These TOS describe your rights and responsibilities and what you can expect from TshirtManiacs Service. If you
do not read, understand, and agree to all of the TOS, you may not use the Web Site. In addition, when using the Web Site you will be linked to other
Web Sites. By following the links provided you hereby agree to read and be bonded to the respective Web Sites' TOS and release TshirtManiacs from
any damages, loss, or otherwise that you may cause. TshirtManiacs reserves the right to add to, delete, or change these TOS without notice.
2. Description of Service. TshirtManiacs provides Internet-based services through the Web Site (all such services, collectively, the "TshirtManiacs
Service"). TshirtManiacs allows users to browse and purchase Products from the Shops. TshirtManiacs may offer a number of other services on its Web
Site, such as message boards, contests, and newsletters, which may change from time to time. You also understand and agree that the Service may
include advertisements and that these advertisements are necessary for TshirtManiacs to provide the Service. You understand and agree that the
Service is provided "AS-IS" and TshirtManiacs assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, delivery or failure to store any communications.
You are responsible for obtaining access to the Service and that access may involve third party fees (such as Internet service provider). You are
responsible for those fees. In addition, you must provide and are responsible for all equipment necessary to access the Service.
3. Use of the Web Site and CafePress.com Service.
3.A. Eligibility. TshirtManiacs will only knowingly provide the TshirtManiacs Service to parties that can lawfully enter into contracts. If you are under
the age of 18, but at least 13 years of age, you may use the TshirtManiacs Service under the supervision of a legal guardian who agrees to be bound
by these TOS. The TshirtManiacs Service is not for children under the age of 13.
3.B. Compliance With TOS and Applicable Law. You must comply with all of the terms and conditions of these TOS, the applicable agreements and
policies, and all applicable laws, regulations and rules when you use the TshirtManiacs Service and the Web Site.
3.C. Your License to Use the Web Site and the TshirtManiacs.com Service.
(1) R.S.Goff solely and exclusively owns all intellectual property and other right, title and interest in and to the TshirtManiacs.com Service and Web
Site, except as expressly provided for in these TOS. For example and without limitation, TshirtManiacs.com owns the trademarks TshirtManiacs.com™,
TshirtManiacs™, GoffBALLS™, SPEED Racing Wear™, BALD Clothing™,Candy Candy™, Candy Expressions™, USA Quality™, Like Wieners™, I Like
Wieners™, Pirate's Cove Liquor™, CUMBERLANDwear™, Pro Boxer™, Professional Boxer™, CHIXWEAR™, Monkey Around™, Horney Devil™,
igoood™, Hate-Zone™, Hate Zone™, CountryManiacs™, TransplantTshirts™, and all other graphics displayed, sold, or  given herein by this site. You
will not acquire any right, title or interest therein under these TOS or otherwise.
(2) TshirtManiacs grants you a limited license to use the Web Site and Service for its intended purposes, subject to your compliance with these TOS.
This license does not include the right to create works based on the content of the Web Site; or download or copy the Web Site (other than page
caching). If you use the Web Site in a manner that exceeds the TOS, TshirtManiacs may revoke the license granted and seek legal compensation.
3.D. Third-Party Services. TshirtManiacs uses third parties to provide certain services. TshirtManiacs does not control those third parties or their services,
and you agree that TshirtManiacs will not be liable to you for your use of such services. These third parties may have their own terms of use and other
policies. You must comply with such terms and policies as well as these TOS when you use these services. If any such terms or policies conflict with
TshirtManiacs' TOS, agreements or policies, you must comply with TshirtManiacs' TOS, agreements or policies, as applicable.
4. TshirtManiacs.com PRIVACY POLICY See our full privacy policy at http://www.tshirtmaniacs.com/privacy
5. Indemnification. You must hold TshirtManiacs and its employees harmless from any damage, loss, or expense (including without limitation,
attorneys' fees and costs) incurred in connection with use of any third-party.
6. MEMBER CONDUCT   You understand that all information, data, text, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials ("Content"), whether
publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from which such Content originated. This means that you, and not
TshirtManiacs, are entirely responsible for all Content that you upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available via the Service.
7.Modification of the Service. TshirtManiacs may modify the Service at any time without notice to you, and will incur no liability for doing so.
8. Submissions. When you submit questions, upload or e-mail pictures, graphics and/ or any other comments, suggestions, ideas, message board
postings, material submitted via web forms, contest entries, communications or any other information ("Submissions"), you grant TshirtManiacs
permission to use such submissions for promotional purposes. You agree that TshirtManiacs will have no obligation to keep any Submissions
confidential and you will not bring a claim against TshirtManiacs arising from use of a Submission.
9. Disclaimers, Exclusions, and Limitations.
9.1 Disclaimer of Warranties. TshirtManiacs provides the Service on an "as is" basis. TshirtManiacs does not represent or warrant that the web site or
Service will: (i) be uninterrupted, (ii) be free of errors, (iii) meet your requirements, or (iv) operate in the configuration you use.
9.2 Exclusion of Damages. TshirtManiacs will not be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive or special damages (including
damages relating to lost profits, lost data or loss of goodwill) arising out of, relating to use of the TshirtManiacs service.
10. Termination.
10.1 Termination. TshirtManiacs may suspend or terminate your use of the Web Site or TshirtManiacs Service without notice.
10.2 Survival. These TOS will survive indefinitely unless and until TshirtManiacs chooses to terminate them.
10.3 Effect of Termination. If TshirtManiacs terminates your use of the Web Site or the TshirtManiacs Service, TshirtManiacs may delete any Content
or other materials relating to your use of Service.
11. Notice. All notices related to these TOS will be in writing and delivered to admin@tshirtmaniacs.com.
12. Statute of Limitations. You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of
the Service or the TOS must be filed within 1 year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred.
13. NO RESALE OF SERVICE  You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of
the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service.
14. LINKS  See section 3D
15. Miscellaneous. These TOS will be binding upon each party hereto and its successors and permitted assigns, and governed by and construed in
accordance with the laws of the State of Kentucky without reference to conflict of law principles. These TOS will not be assignable or transferable by
you without the prior written consent of TshirtManiacs.

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